HoPe FoR sWeEt LiFe~

I saw ur fb status,seriously i'm shock..i duno hw to describe the feeling. I think I shud click the like button and click the comment button and say congratz. But out of sudden my hand is out of control. I cant move my hand to like button, or even comment button. My heart was popping fast n almost jump out frm my heart. My hands was freezy and my eyes are out of focus point. I duno whr shud I focus at, wat shud I do next. I duno hw to type the congratz word. I duno hw to click the like button. I saw everyone was hoping her to accept u, and tat was wat they expect frm the passed 1 yr. I shudnt stop u frm getting ur happy life. I shud wish u n her live happy forever, I shud say congratz to u n her. But i reali duno hw to say the word. I'm scared. I'm seriously scared. Do u knw tat u r nt only my fren, u r one of the most important ppl in my life. I think I'm just too lousy so tat u wnt even accept me or treat me as a gal. I'm just suitable to be alone i think. Reali wish u n her will life happy forever. xxcxxx rmb, must life happily.

Today the result already release out, tat is the result that I had never expect b4 tis..
Management Information System - D
Business Communication - B
Microeconomic - C+
Statistic - C+

When I look at this idiot result i feel like i shud immediately die! I not deserve to live in this world anymore!
come on! Micro and Stat i had learn b4 why i still will get this kind of result! WTF m i duing? Y a person who r idiot as me are living in this world? I'm not deserve to continue be alive! I shud go n die immediately!!!

I'm the biggest failure plus idiot plus loser in the world! I wont forgive myself! I'm nt deserve any forgiveness from anyone!

Failure - according to it means a person or things that is unsuccessful or disappointing.
Loser - which means a person or things that seems destined to be taken advantage.

These two words are very simple, i think most of the people are understand the meaning of them. Why am I explaining the meaning of these two word here? That is because I'm the failure! I'm the loser! Why am I say so? Becoz I fail my final exam paper!! My GPA is lesser than 2.5!!! WTH am i duin is the passed 5 month? Why I can be that stupid till I failed my paper?!

I'm totally a failure! A loser! An idiot! I'm seriously disappointed to myself! why should a person stupid like me keep living in this world? I hope some 1 can help me from this..but i not dare to tell anyone of my friend about this. When I knew this news in front of my friend, none of them are trying to help me or even counsel me. I still remain the smiley face in front of them pretend that i'm ok..the failed doesn't effect me at all. But actually it does hurt me, it hurt me deeply. I cry for whole night but no one know about it. no one will care about it.

I'm seriously a biggest Failure + loser in the world!

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