HoPe FoR sWeEt LiFe~

27 November 2010..tat day was the best n big day of me..tat day is my 20 yrs old b'day o!!tat day i had my best b'day o..27 nov, me,my family members,my uncle members,n my aunt's family members were spend time in Lotus Desaru Resort..tat day afternoon when we arrive Desaru, we went to water park. We spend time until arnd 6pm, then we had our buffer dinner at 7.30 pm..after awhile, the restaurant officer was take out a chocolate cake n a couple of singer sang a b'day song to touch..tis is the 2nd time tat gt stranger sang b'day song to touch..

i cut my b'day cake at the beach..the nice wind..nice song..n full of my parents n relative wishes..i feel tat i'm a very lucky gal..coz i can have my holiday at tis nice beach, can have my b'day cake wif my family, n i still alive n grow healthy until 20 yrs old..

after the cake, me n my family walk to the bar up to the restaurant.I order a cocktail call "sex on the beach"- actually is pineapple juice wif is nice..seriously..i like the cocktail^^

i reali have a best b'day ever..thx for all my best fren..thx for the best wishes u all give me....thx tat u all still be my fren n thx for everything tat u all do for me..thank you..reali thank you..

start from 2day, i reali have to move on, grow up, n be mature..i change dy..reali..i change myself dy..

p.s:actually i get a small surprise in my b'day too..the surprise is a cute guy come and talk wif me n get my fb o^^ to me he is cute la..may be other ppl would nt think tat ,but to me he is..hahahahahahahaha..ok..a bit crazy dy..

can i say that november is my month?lol..funny..i will say so just becoz my birthday at this month..lolololololol..will anyone celebrate wif me? i hope so..tis will be my 1st 2+ birthday..1st birthday tat i walk into 2+..i nt longer 1+ yrs old gal..i shud wake up n grow up..haiz..suddenly fell so stress tat i have to face the real life..hw i hope the time can reverse..back to the time tat i'm 18..if can back to 18 i will choose the best choice for myself..i will stay at Help, i will continue my law, i will get my best best best fren, my life will be totally different..

but since nw i cnt do anything dy..i cnt change the time..i cnt do anything wif it..wat i can do is..continue my life..continue n change the future..i choose to give hope the god will open another window for me..let me survive..

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