HoPe FoR sWeEt LiFe~





Actually i tot tat i did switch off all the switches. But nw i just found out actually i just forcing myself to switch off the switches. And one small virus hack into my system switch on all of the switches again. I try use my antivirus system to block n remove all the virus, but i found out it doesn't work. But nw i trying to install a strongest antivirus system to remove all of the virus.

We can't change the past, we learn the mistake nw, and we can change the future. I will do my best n change my future. I'm nt a little young gal anymore, I cnt do anything just follow wat i wan, and wat i wish. I have to think abt others ppl arnd me, I cnt hurt them.

So nw i have to be more stronger, n lw/o hurting others ppl anymore..hope the switches will be off as soon as possible.

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