HoPe FoR sWeEt LiFe~

ok..nw is 2nd trimester..everything should be restart again..and i decide let it restart in a new way..
i dun wan the old thing follow me again..i dun like repeating..i wan a new life..

last trimester result is nt tat well..
i find out i reali a failure..a biggest failure in the world..

i wan to reali work hard in next trimester..i wan throw everything away..everything wont bring me any benefit just throw it away..

the 1st thing i dun nid is love..i dun trust it any is knife n it is a biggest lie int he world..i dun nid it..i can be better w/o it..

the 2nd thing i dun nid is feeling..feeling is is a thing will make me into trouble..heartless is the best way for my life..i used to be too caring n may be "busybody" n nw i nid to be heartless to prevent getting hurt..

may be my parents r reali the most important thing in this world..nth is real,but just money..nw wat i can do is study n earn money..others r nth..

ok..i think i should admit tat i'm reali stupid n story was happened when last sunday..

last Sunday,i was went out wif my frens n my sisters..firstly,i went to yamcha wif my frens..then i brought my 2 sisters went to watched movie-shrek.. tat was the first time i went out watch movie wif my youngest sister..i brought her to the counter n bought ticket..when the moment she walked in front of me,my foot "ter-hit" my sister's shoes..n her shoes is unexpected super hard..the hit cause my foot's nail break n bleeding..ya ..THE NAIL BREAK N MY FOOT BLEEDING...

when the moment started bleeding,i feel dizzy n the eye sign was blur..the next step is i faint..YA..AGAIN..U DIN READ WRONGLY..I FAINT..I FAINT IN FRONT OF THE CINEMA..i dun even knw tat i was faint,i tot i was sitting on the floor..i heard sumone talking n my sister ask me stand up..but i totally dun have any energy to stand up...

my sister dun even care tat should i went back home or went to the clinic..she just care abt the stupid movie..stupid sister..dun even care abt can i continue stay inside the cinema n watched the movie..n i wasted rm10 n sleep inside the stupid cinema...

damn la..stupid money..n stupid sister..n stupid shoes..i'm cacat nw cnt even walk properly..stupid shoes make me super embarrassing n super pain..

no..i think i should say tat..such a stupid me..cnt even walk properly..damn stupid..i think next week u all can c how my foot became..haiz..=="

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