HoPe FoR sWeEt LiFe~

ok..1st trimester cum to the end dy..the time passed so fast..i stuck at mmu already 3 months..==" during tis 3 months i learn a lot of things..n knw a lot of gud frens..

victor,my "boss"..he is smart (i guess)..hahaha..reali thx tat he teach me a lots of things..eva low,my "dude"..she is cool n sum kind of "dark"; amelia,my "cheerful dudess"..she is cheerful n sum kind of "fun"..hahahaha..

ok..guys..dun angry n sad k..u all r important to me..u all r my best fren k..i reali feel happy when i spent time wif u all..

hope in next trimester we still can always stuck 2gether like b4 k..u knw wat i mean..

2day i hang out wif Eva,2 seniors and 1 seniors' fren..we went to pahlawan mall n watch movie..u knw wat i watched? i watch a nightmare on elm street..i think tis is the 1st horror movie tat i keep laughing while i'm watching..

to be honest tis movie is nt tat me is around 60 is nt reali scary, it is just of the reason tat i keep laughing during watching is becoz eva is using her jacket trying to cover her eyes while the "ghost" "pop out"(i dunno she is going there for watching movie or cover her eyes ==")

another reason is becoz when the "ghost" almost wan 2 "pop out" 1 of my senior n his fren are covering their ear..the reason they cover their ear is becoz they dun wan scared by the music...wakakakakakakaka==" ok is kind of lame joke..

but the content of movie is nt bad,although is disgusting but i like the way the"ghost" kill the victim becoz is kind of funny n cool..u knw.. when a "ghost" who have the craws n craw on a gal body n the gals' blood"pop out" and also when the "ghost's" hand cross over a man's body..the body will have a hole at the middle of bady..tat look cool n fun..i dunno u all can imagine the screen or nt but is reali cool n fun..i like it..

ok..i think some ppl start think tat i psycho dy..but is reali funny tat a "ghost" can kill sumone thru tat way..wakakakakaka...but if u like tis kind of murder..hmmm..i should say horror movie then may be u should watch reali fun tat when u bring a fren who will scream when watching horror movie tat will be much more me u will love it..

p/s: dun fall asleep....wakakakakakakakakaka

wakakakaka..wakakakakaka..hmm..dun worry everyone..i'm still ok..just a bit hyper n forget to take medicine...wakakakakakakaka...anyway..2day i'm going to share sum equations wif u all..
they are:-

before tat day cuming,
you are worry;
when tat day has cum,
you feel worry;
after tat day passed,
you still worry..

beginning you worry about unknown,
after tat day you continuing worry about unknown and unknown,
until the end of the day you still worry abt unknown...
worry= unknown----------(2)

(1) -> (2) : day=unknown

economics= weakness


economics + day=dying tis is the conclusion..i guess....==" haiz

p/s : anyway ni finish econs paper dy.....YEAh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!

Start from 17 of May my life will be miserable..because tat day is the beginning of final for 1st trimester..omg..i feel stress and worry now..i have to try my best to do it well..i dont want to regret that i had wasted my time or my life..everything only came once,if you don't catch it now..u won't be able to have the second chance to catch them guys lets us work hard together..aza aza fighting!!!!

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