HoPe FoR sWeEt LiFe~

This few days the sky is like in bad mood, rain for few days. This not only cause inconvenient, it also make people feel emotional.  I am already very emotional recently and now getting worse and worse. I feel like have alot of things wan to tell, want to share out. But I have no idea who should i share to. 

Someone saying that I am just being too over, greedy, nagging, inconsiderate, over confidence, even arrogant. When I being caring and considerate, people say that I am nagging and over. However when I being confidence, and ambitious, people will start say me as inconsiderate, over confidence, arrogant and greedy. So I should just say I don't give you a fuck! Is my life not yours, if you doesn't experience that what I go through then please don't comment on my life. 

I thought I have a friend who can be talking to, but in fact i don't. I know if i really want to, there are someone there. But i really scare will be burden for the person. I already rely on the person too much, if continue I scare I might be abandon. Even I know the person will say this will never happen, but I just afraid.
I used to though I have a friend who can be like her. But in fact I don't. She is the only 1 can bare with me, forgive me, and taking every side on me. She can let me feel secure, can let me feel wan tell out everything and even understand me. Others just can't do that.

I really learnt.. learn to not believe others. learnt to being cruel. and learnt to don't give you a damn! so pls. just move your ass away from my view. Get lost! Thank you!

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