HoPe FoR sWeEt LiFe~

2011 gonna end soon..2012 is going to replace the old life..This blog have been accompany me for almost 1 yr, thx for my friend who accompany me to passed this yr.

2011, to me it is a new start my new study life in Inti. It make me have to change my life tat i use to it at Melaka. I have to make new frens, used to the new environment. Life is just a game to learn changes all the time..

2011, to me is the yr tat i turn into 21. It mean alot to me.. It mean i'm not longer a kids,not longer a teenager. I'm an adult nw..(! i hvnt prepare to be yet!!!) but, have to agree that time din stop for me, i still have to face the truth, i'm an ADULT nw..(damn it ><)

2012 is a NEW start..hmm..maybe i shud plan what i wan to be done in the new yr~
1) Finish my year 1 studies~ ^^
2) Get a new design of my life~ (erm.. secret)
3) Get a DSLR camera~
4) Have a awesome trip wif my best fren wif my new camera~ ^^
5) last but not least..get a bf.. (wish...wish...wish...) ><"

I reali hope tat my 2012 will be awesome, fantastic,fabulous life~ HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE~ ^^

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This blog just wanna share the feeling and thinking abt brownie's life..
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