HoPe FoR sWeEt LiFe~

This is me when 2014, can u imagine how I look like when I'm 18 or even 19 years old? Can u imagine how I look like when I'm 23? Trust me, even one yr I can let u see a very big different me. Some people might say tats a good thing, tat means u r growing, u r becoming more pretty, but how many ppl knw the story behind being pretty? How many ppl knw tat hw many things had been covered behind this make up face? Many people might say it is not important, everyone will do the same things or had the same stories.. But u reali knw mine? U reali qualified enough to judge mine? 
This is me when I'm 23, is it a big differences can be see in the photo? The smile on my face in one year time alr turn to be different. Not longer that pure, that happy. Happy not longer appear in my life, it just disappear, somehow duno y it just gone.. Time passed, everything changed, I'm gone, I'm nt longer the same. Don't see me as the same me anymore, coz u might duno me anymore. 

Jessica is not longer the same Jessica, she being polluted. Polluted by her dark side. No one can shine her life anymore. Tats all, the end her life. 

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This blog just wanna share the feeling and thinking abt brownie's life..
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i just love ice-cream and sweet things,i just a normal girl,but just maybe more greedy then them..coz i like to chasing for a better life for myself..