HoPe FoR sWeEt LiFe~

Maybe you might say why am I watching such an old drama since already have many others which might better than this. I'm getting influence by my mum, she is watching this drama since before new year, while watching with her then i started to found out this is not only a romantic drama but also something to be think..

This video clip is the best part that in this whole drama(my own opinion la). Because I love the connection of Do Min-joon and Cheon Song-yi by using their eyes.. and use their eyes telling the world that real love is not prove by sweet talk, always accompany or any love action, but is just simple like when I wake out from sleep, the first thing come into my view is your smiling face.

Isn't love is that simple? not about accompany, but about the touching of heart, about what you think for the person. I don't need a bf like doo min joon but a pair of eyes that like him, only putting me in his view and watching everything happen around me, a pairs of ear like him, only hearing whatever I say and whatever voice about me. 

How to forget someone like you? When you enter my life and you leave, how about those who been putting and leftover at the back? How their life can back to the normal? Is always easy to forget and put down someone who are not been serious treating. But how about those who had been enter into heart?Only take out the heart will be able to stop the pain or take out the brain to forget all the memories?

If can I wish that everything never happen before, and I won't turn to be this too..

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