HoPe FoR sWeEt LiFe~

I think everyone knw tis song rite..
y i talk abt tis song? coz i still addicted wif it..
y i will addicted wif it? coz i feel like sum hw it is talking abt my story n wat i feel nw..

I tot the feeling alr away frm me..
but when i listen tis song come back to my mind..
but when i try to stop listen tis song..the feeling make me feel more stress..
tis song kind of like helping me relax my feeling n my mind..

p.s. is tat crying will bring any used?if nt y i'm still crying?

why i can forgive u so easily?hmm..actually u hurt me so much y i still forgive u so easily?if u read tis post u let me knw can?

maybe to u i'm nthg..but i might be everything to sumone in the world..
maybe to u i'm childish..but i might be cute in sumones' eyes..
maybe to u i'm useless..but i might be useful for sumone..
maybe when u nid me i'm ur everything; when u dun nid me anymore, i'm nthg to u..

BUT i have to tell u..i nt a rubbish or a toy u can just throw it away..since u just treat me in tat childish way..dun wry i will treat u back in the way u want.. AND ALSO can u be more mature..u r older than me man..grow up ur mind la..dun be like kids anymore..we r 20+ teenage..nt longer kids..wat alr happened just forget it..ya..i said tat to u wat?! u have to do tat to me to show tat u r smart?!

IDIOT!! tats the most stupid way i ever be mature pls..grow up la..

I think nw is the right time for me to update my blog..i guess.. Just finish accounting II midterm just freaking hard.. The question tat i din expect b4, it come out itself w/o any inform ><.. But it alr passed nw wat can i do is wait the result out n do the best for the next exam..

I though tat i alr give up everything n just learn to think in another way abt our relationship..but seen like it is nt true..u still cnt accept me..n i stll cnt totally forget tat the end btwn our relationship? dun wry..u dun have to avoid me..coz i'm nt going to take the same course wif u..i will try my best n let u never meet me anymore after our foundation dun wry..

this all things are come from wat i choose and wat i dun matter hw the future turn to be i still will stick wif the decision n choice i make..coz tat is wat i choice i have the responsible to stick n handle of it..

A lot of ppl saying tat i used to put all my problems and emotions inside my heart w/o sharing with anyone.. it is hurting myself..
A lot of ppl saying tat i used to pretend i'm alrite n happy in frnt of ppl even thou i'm sad is still hurting myself..
i wish to have someone share my feeling nw..i wish to have someone borrow me a shoulder n cry on..i wish to have a back to let me rely for awhile..but whr to get? i used to thought tat he will give me..but i'm who else can give me 1?just for awhile..coz after tis foundation yr we wnt meet each other anymore..

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