HoPe FoR sWeEt LiFe~

y m i still being as dumb ass as b4..i tot i alr learn the lesson frm him but y i still make the same mistake again..y i still wan to be a replacement of another ppl..y i just cnt get a guy can treat me as who m i..i just hope can be sumone important to a it reali tat hard? is it reali tat impossible? is it becoz i'm nt pretty? is it becoz i'm normal?

dun wry..i will change myself to be extraordinary..i will do my best to let u regret..i will totally change to another characteristic frm 2day..i swear..i will be a new me..i swear to the god! i'm nt longer an idiot to let u all used n let u all hv fun wif..i will be a new me..i rather hurt everyone in the world n nt letting myself get hurt..

u guys r the 1 who force me turn into tat dun blame me..i wnt be the old me anymore..i will 100000000000000000000000000% change!change to another heartless gal..i swear i will..i never trust love anymore..i wnt trust anymore!!

EQ = Emotional Intelligence..
This is a hard and important subject to learn in our life..It cnt be learn frm school..It cnt be taught by ppl..But it can be gain by experiences or thinking..
Recently my EQ drop to the bottom level..keep emo n down n easy get angry or frustrated..
y? i oso duno tired to being tat..everyday cnt slp well..everyday dun feel eating..
damn it..i hate myself that in this condition..i hate tis..haiz..i reali duno wat shud i do..helpless..

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This blog just wanna share the feeling and thinking abt brownie's life..
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i just love ice-cream and sweet things,i just a normal girl,but just maybe more greedy then them..coz i like to chasing for a better life for myself..