HoPe FoR sWeEt LiFe~

My eyes make me look at you.. My eyes make me fall for you.. 

My eyes make me cry for you.. My eyes see wat you do to me..
I decided to let my eyes stop crying for you, but when i know wats happen on you recently, my heart bleed, and the eyes cry again..
I cnt stop it..I tot after i leave you will have better life, but seen like i'm wrong.. Ur life still full with sadness.. i reali feel my heart is bleeding and hurt when i see everything.. But i cnt do anything for you.. I hope i can msg u and cheer u up or talk with you.. But i cnt.. i dun hv the right to do so.. 
I reali hope god can give u the happy life, pray hard to god can let u be happy forever.. even i hv to sacrifice my own happiness i still wan you life happily..

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This blog just wanna share the feeling and thinking abt brownie's life..
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i just love ice-cream and sweet things,i just a normal girl,but just maybe more greedy then them..coz i like to chasing for a better life for myself..