HoPe FoR sWeEt LiFe~

hahahaha..2nite i'm super happy...^^ i reali have a nice nite...just nw ard 9 sumthing i was went out wif 1 of my senior for mcd near zoo Melaka..hehe..i knw the senior when i'm ard form 4 i guess..cnt reali rmb dy..then he is study at mmu too..but i din meet him b4 at campus..never..he have class at clcr too..but just cnt meet..haha...duno y..haha

haha..y i say happy..i oso nt sure..but just feel happy..wahaha...reali happy...duno wat to write dy..wan knw detail ask me personally ba..hehe..

ermm..tis few weeks i found out i gt the talent tat to make all my best frens angry wif me..haha..should i be pround of it..may be..nt sure..

the 1st best fren who angry wif me is him..may be i reali din care abt him..may be i should always msg him or pay attention on him.. is nt i reject his help is becoz i reali havent nid any help yet..but if i reali nid help i did ask for ur help b4 rite..nw is just i still able to settle the problems by myself..i dun like to trouble my frens wif my own problems..but i dunno tat will hurt u..sry..i din mean tat i give up on u..if i make u misunderstanding..i'm very sry..i say i give up already actually is mean i dun wan to "force" u do anything wif me anymore since tat i c u look so happy when 2gether wif be honest may be i'm a bit jealous tat u always choose to hang out wif them but nt us..even though u say tat u hang out wif them coz they nid ur help but i still jealous..ya..tat actually is my own feeling sry..if u think my apologize is acceptable then pls accept it..if nt..of course..i'm nt going to force u to accept my apologize..u have ur own right..but i just can say sry..

the 2nd best fren i make her angry is _v_..i'm sry i din help u sell the cupcakes..i reali nt purposely fall sick..when monday after i cum back frm cyber i found out i fever..then i took medicine n slp until midnite..when tat nitez u msg me actually i duno wat i reply..i just knw ltr must wake up go n take cupcakes..but i cnt wake up when tat nite..i tried but cnt..then when ard 11 sumthing my mum call me say tat pack ur stuff nw ur dad r waiting of u at outside of ur hse dy..i'm thinking wth..y suddenly cum mum say my dad worried tat i'll sick very seriously at the midnite so he decide cum n fetch me back..during the nite my head is very pain n i'm reali nt well so i din msg u all..when my mind more clear is the next day morning when i msg u all..but i duno i make u into trouble dy..i'm reali sry..i'm nt purposely run away frm helping u sell cupcakes..i want to help u..haiz..nw say tis already no use..i just can say sry tat i din help u sell cupcakes..n i almost make u into trouble..i reali sry abt tat..sry..hope u accept it..

a_e is another best fren i make her angry..a_e sry tat i din attend class..sry tat i left u alone in the class..sry tat i let u do all the stuff alone w/o helping u..sry..i din intend to skip class anymore but in fact i did..sry..reali sry..i promise next..even i sick until dying i will oso attend the class..sry...

so..sry to 3 of my best frens tat i make them angry..reali sry..i din intend to make u all angry..komenasai..i will try to be more alert start today..i'm reali sry..i hope u all will accept it..n lets everything back to normal or back to the time just like b4..sry...

ps:actually w/o u all..i'm nthg..

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