HoPe FoR sWeEt LiFe~

Why can't everything as easy as kindergarten mathematics.. Just 1 + 1 = 2..Just that easy.. Why life must be that complicated.. Or is that my mind problem?? Is just me myself can't make my life as easy as kids.. How I wish I'm just like a robot without any thinking or any least now i wnt feel emo..nw i wnt feel hurt..

Is that i too easy feel hurt? Am I reali tat weak? But since when? I tot I'm strong..

I reali cnt fall for u..i me.. So pls dun raise the feeling up again..pls..

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This blog just wanna share the feeling and thinking abt brownie's life..
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i just love ice-cream and sweet things,i just a normal girl,but just maybe more greedy then them..coz i like to chasing for a better life for myself..