HoPe FoR sWeEt LiFe~

One year, many things can happened, many things can be changed, many things can gain and even lost. In year 2013, I experienced be someone powerful, someone holding final decision, someone decide everything, someone control the whole situation. But at the same the I back to be someone cruel, someone heartless, someone neglect people feeling, someone who don't know how to understand others people thinking.

Before go to Nilai, I told myself be a good girl, be a lady, don't back to the old life, don't back to the mess. End of 2nd year in Nilai, promises break. I'm still the mess. I'm still the rubbish. I'm still the old me. People might don't understand why I judge myself in this way and say I'm in negative thinking all those shit. In the fact is just they didn't experienced what I had been through. They don't know my history. And I don't plan to explain.

I hate explain, because the person who understand you they won't need your explanation. If you need me to explain to you, means you don't trust me at all. And no matter how hard I explained you will never believe me. So keep me mouth shut and stop explain. It is useless.

One year ago, end of 2012, We are an assistant.. He is the main key man.

Me and her the smile is still so pure..

One year after, we both be key man, the smile is not longer that pure.. 

How many things are hide behind the smile, no one will know. I don't like to understand the reason or the thing hide behind the smile. Just let it be. Smile is better than cry..

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